Top Questions to Ask When Interviewing Someone on a Show

You’re probably noticing a lot of people joining the ranks of show host or at least interviewing people on social media platforms like Facebook Live. This can be a great thing to do when done right. Most people assume that the person being interviewed is the one best positioned to share their expertise but interviewing someone is also a powerful way to make your presence felt especially when you ask the right questions in the right ways!

Unfortunately, a lot of people have a lack of intent and direction when it comes to interviews including both the interviewee as much as the interviewer (I’ve even been guilty of this myself from time to time). Bottom line, knowing and preparing some good questions in advance is vital to a victorious interview.

A good question is…
  • Open ended
  • Something your audience cares about
  • Something the person being interviewed can answer
  • Something that makes the person interviewed look good
  • Not having too many parts to it
Here are some Top Interview Questions (and Conversation Starters) for Experts:
  1.  Tell us just how bad the problem is that you are providing a solution to? – The worse the problem, the more people it effects, the more terrible the challenges then more people care about the solution.
  2. Please give us an example of a specific person you helped overcome this horrible situation and without saying their name give us some details so we can better understand? – By painting a picture of a specific person, it takes everything from theory to actual success story.
  3. Would you consider this your life’s work and why? – Understanding how deeply someone believes in what they are doing, how much time they have spent and resources have been invested adds really important context that audiences will appreciate.
  4. What does your family think about your work? – Helping people relate and connect as someone just like everyone else can be important.
  5. If a reader could only read one chapter of your book which one would it be?
  6. What part of the book was the easiest (or hardest) for you to write?
  7. You have a powerful message but what has been the hardest part of getting your it out?
  8. When did you realize that you made it, that your message was becoming a movement?
  9. What’s the best compliment you have ever received or what was the best testimonial that someone ever gave you?
  10. Other than this one what was your most favorite interview and why?
  11. What achievement would you most like to accomplish next?
  12. What achievement of yours means the most to you?
  13. What the most common remark or feedback that get after speaking to a group of people?
  14. What part of your teachings do people find the most surprising or hard to believe?
  15. What are you doing right now to stay on the cutting edge of your area expertise?
If it’s not obvious, I will tell you I probably have 100 of these and I hope the 15 I just shared get’s your wheels turning! Up your interview game and make people look good. Give audiences both the information and entertainment they desire most, and the positive opportunities will be endless.

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