How You Can Make Money Doing Things for Free…

You are probably doing things for free already, but are you doing the right things for free?  Some giving, serving and sharing can be extremely valuable when it comes to capturing audience oriented opportunities and converting sales.

Here are 3 Almost Unknown Ways to Boost Your Bio and Ultimately Profit from Social Proof:
  1. Guest Lecture at a well known University – Speaking at any organization of higher learning is good but the more well known the institution the better.  The idea that a school that is hard to get in to, or that students pay a lot of money to attend, to share your wisdom there is quite the 3rd party compliment.  I have guest lectured for UCLA just by knowing one of the instructors there.  Having “Guest Lectured at UCLA” in the bio helps.  (I’ve done guest lecturing for FREE)
  2. Serve on a Board – Being on a Board of Directors or Board of Advisors for any organization but the more successful the brand the better.  The idea that a well known or multi million dollar company wants your advice in an official capacity for an ongoing period of time casts you in a pretty positive light.  Even some of the non profits I have had leadership roles with have served me well even though I was never paid a dime.  (I’ve served organizations for FREE)
  3. Have a Celebrity Client – Having a well known client is really helpful and the more famous the better.  The idea that a famous person that has so many options of vendors and experts to work with chooses you can be quite the endorsement.  My testimonials from Emmy Winners and NY Time Best Sellers have been paramount in proving my competitive advantage as a celebrity expert.  (When I was first starting out I’d do some celebrity projects for FREE)

Call it cracking the icon code, raising your celebrity expert status or just proving your value in the marketplace.  Regardless…these things matter when it comes to booking high profile speaking opportunities, getting featured in the media and closing high end clients.

These 3 almost unknown ways will help you Influence the Affluent.

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