How I Trick My Clients

You probably think it’s pretty bad to not only trick my clients but to actually celebrate it in an article. Well, keep reading and you just might want to start doing the same thing!

And if you are offended by this idea, then you are not alone.
Here’s the problem, and it’s really your own fault that I have to trick you or at least most of you. A high percentage of you don’t believe that success is easy. You don’t believe that in a few small moves you can get big momentum or success. I play into that big time!

So I just tell you that you will never do what it takes. I tell audiences that I present to that most people will never be successful. I just remain doubtful, or at best cautiously optimistic, about your goals. It’s funny how so many people respond better to my challenges of doubt and skepticism than my words of encouragement.

Those empty words are everywhere and rarely as helpful as people think.
I actually help more of my clients by tricking them with words of “maybe” and “we will see”. Some might call it reverse psychology, but it really isn’t. I just know how most people’s brains work and that they are programmed to believe that good things should be hard, so I play into that.

Like me, it’s your job to have a delusional amount of confidence, but it’s not my job when coaching you to drink your kool-aid. I would be doing you a disservice if I did.  It’s my job to challenge you, inspire you with proven ideas, and help you ask the tough questions that prepare you to receive the most promising profitable answers.
Bonus: Here is something else I play into.

I hold off on celebrating everything! People are way too fast to celebrate. They want to tell me about a new sale they have when really it’s just someone committing to work with them. They want to tell me about a TV show they are going to be on when really they just made a new connection, and so on.
The problem with me celebrating the wrong things too early with you is it causes you to take your foot off the gas, thinking you have crossed the finish line when in all actuality you have just seen a potential finish line for the first time. I’m not the guy who is going to high five you and coddle you with words of affirmation to stroke your ego. I’m the guy that is going to help you understand what things are and what they are not.
Is it ok if I play head games with you if it helps you? Is it really a head game if I tell you my secret strategy?
Many call me mean and not positive enough, but as long as I keep helping my clients cross real finish lines I’m not sure I really care. Keep expecting me to ask the tough questions and be skeptical about your upcoming success. I’ll let your mom tell you about pink ponies, unicorns, and how great you.

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