Why Video Is Overrated

Yes, you heard me right. No, I am not crazy. Video is overrated.

Yes, you still need video in your marketing.

No, it’s not the #1 way to communicate with your prospects and clients.

Facebook (along with many other online platforms) has created quite the frenzy with the push for more video. The simple truth is that although video is really, really important, it will never replace writing and here is why.

People are either super busy or they feel super busy. Video is hard to pull the gold nuggets from. It takes time to watch the video without being distracted or losing patience.

Reading is still the fastest and easiest way to consume content.

Most people still want to skim, skip ahead, skip around and consume content quickly. You can make all the videos in the world, but if you can’t script things out, organize your thoughts well, write good posts to intrigue the viewer or even title your videos effectively no one will even attempt to start the video let alone actually watch your videos.

Yes, do some videos. No, don’t stop working on the words and the writing!

Be a good writer first and foremost. If you’re not a good writer then get someone to write for you. It’s the #1 way to build an audience, communicate value quickly, and provide the easiest way to consume massive amounts of content. Good writing is what you need to even get people to watch your videos in the first place.

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