Top 3 People You Hire First

Whether you are just starting to grow out of your solopreneur status or if you are regularly employing people you have to make sure you have your priorities in order.

Here are the top 3 people you hire first: (and in order of importance)

1. The Finisher – Whether you call them an executive assistant, a virtual assistant or project manager you need a “finisher”. Entrepreneur’s are almost always a natural starter. We like to start things. Now imagine having someone following you around helping you finish everything you start. It’s a great way to hire, describe the job, and set the right expectations for the person supporting you. Make sure they compliment you and take care of the detailed, organizational and operational duties.

2. The Rainmaker – Whether you call them a business developer, a salesperson or a marketing assistant, you need someone to help capture and convert leads. You are better positioned and better equipped to attract more opportunities when you have someone else helping you with networking, social media, CRM’s, discovery calls, vetting people, and hopefully enrolling clients.

3. The Designer – If you are a speaker, author, or expert you need someone that can create digital assets for you. You are better prepared and positioned when you have someone that can create business cards, flyers, memes, posters, diagrams, web pages, work flow charts, power point slides, exhibit screens and brochures. This kind of marketing collateral is a game changer for you and when you have your own “go-to-guy” or gal, the creative process is unlimited…not to mention fun.

There is a lot that can be outsourced and built over time. Go slow, keep costs low, and try to stay out of debt. Building a good team is paramount, but riddled with pitfalls.

There are some great tips and tricks in this new “gig” economy that can really help you hire fast and effective. It all starts with knowing why you need to hire a team in the first place, who to hire, and when to hire them.
From there, you can learn how to hire them and what to pay them.
Do you have the right people?

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