The Best Way to Prepare for a Sales Conversation…

Why you and not someone else? Why you and not something else? Why you and not nothing at all?

One of my most controversial concepts that I teach is what I call the Law of the Warchest: People only have so much time, money and resources to fight the battles of day to day life and business so you have to have a compelling answer(s) to the question “why you?”.

Why should they hire you? Why should they invest money with you? Why should they work with you and spend time with you?

The people that make profitable progress have really good and clear answers when someone asks them “why you?”.
Your unique selling proposition, your competitive advantage, your testimonials, endorsements, awards, accomplishments, spotlights, and results can all help answer the question “why you?”.

Learning how to have authentic answers to common questions about why people hire you and refer you is paramount to a profitable advice business.

Developing the answer the question “why you?” is almost as important as developing the product or service you’re selling.

Some people if not most people don’t like saying why them because they feel like they are bragging or boasting. This is a fast way to go broke or stay poor. You’re not bragging you’re applying for a job! And if you’re self employed with your own business (this includes 100% commissioned sales people) you are applying for jobs all day every day so of course you are almost constantly telling people “why you”!

If you’re really smart you can get other people and organizations to answer the question for you through testimonials, endorsements, awards, media appearances, interviews, and anything else that will show your proof of results but you’re still answering the question “why you?”!

(Need help figuring this out? Message me. Want more places to share your answer to “why you?”? Message me.)
You should earn and develop so many great answers to the question “why you?” that you should be excited for people to ask you the question.

If your an employee in life (nothing wrong with that) then your resume and job interview answers the question “why you?” but if you are an employer being self employed then it’s your bio, your speech on stage, your book, your website, your social media, your seat on a board, published articles, show you host and your discovery call with a prospect that tells someone “why you?”!

When done right it’s these visual interactive vehicles that transport your message clearly and effectively. The people that are seen as celebrity experts and icons in their industry literally create an unfair advantage over the competition.

I’m telling you that until you learn to really answer the question “why you?” you will never really live up to your full income potential as a trusted advisor, coach or consultant of any kind.

You can’t afford to be the worlds best kept secret anymore.

Start earning and developing your answers to the question “why you?” today.

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