My passion project was featured in Forbes…

My week-long Teen Entrepreneur camp has been featured in Forbes…When my oldest daughter Jordan Bailey Snapp was 10 years old she wanted to come on a business trip with me to NYC so I told her she needed to earn the money.
We talked about how much she would need and different ways she could make it. I explained how some kids made money and taught her one way people start businesses is improving upon already existing businesses.

Among other things I explained how people have car washes in public areas to raise money and then suggested we improve upon that idea by going door to door washing cars for donations. She was in. We got a bucket on wheels, some soap, some sponges, and a squeegee that she could roll up to every door.

I gave her a script of what to say. We practiced the script, and then I drove alongside her as she went door to door with her sisters offering to wash peoples’ cars. Most people never answered. Many that did said, “No thanks.” But when she did get a yes she just beamed with excitement. I would then hop out and help her and her younger sisters wash the car.

The first Saturday we tried this she made over $230, and she earned every penny since it was in the Arizona heat at over 100 degrees most the day. She was even able to cover the start-up costs of all the materials, tools and supplies teaching her about profits. She was empowered seeing her potential.

Going on that trip to NYC changed her for the better. She started dreaming bigger, and her ambition was growing. Everything seemed more possible to her. Something magically happens when your kids have a worthy want, they know how to reach their goal, and they take the action necessary on their own to make their dreams come true.

Parents would see or hear about my kids making money to do things like travel and would ask me how they earned the money or what I did to help my kids earn money. Helping parents and kids make money together became a personally rewarding hobby of mine. (Emphasis on personally rewarding not financially rewarding.)

Eventually in 2012 I started a passion project of mine teaching older kids and teens how to be entrepreneurs at conferences I would put in. In addition to putting on my own I even ran teen events for organizations like Dan Kennedy’s and Bill Glazer’s GKIC’s annual Super Conference.

Entrepreneur education is a ton of fun and learning to teach kids made me even better at teaching adults.
Learning how to make complex things simple makes you a better coach, teacher and mentor.

My $4,000 Teen Summer Camp was featured in the news and places like Forbes. I even wrote a book called Guerrilla Parenting: How to Raise an Entrepreneur. I was interviewed about entrepreneur education, college education, self-reliance, parenting, business building and more. For years I appeared on almost every news show you could think of including Fox and Friends, the Five, What’s Happening Now, the Today Show, the Doctors show, Neil Cavuto, CBS local in CA and even the Today Show in Sydney Australia to name a lot of them.

What’s your passion project? What do you teach, and can you make complex things simple?

And, My oldest daughter Jordan turns 22 today! I love you Jordan. You’re a hard worker with a big heart. Everyone always loves being around you because of your fun sense of humor, willingness to listen, not to judge and how you light up a room with your warm spirit. You’re an great example to me of everything good in this world. Happy, Happy Birthday Jordan!

I’ve had teens from all over the country pay thousands to come to one of our camps as well as teens who got partial and full scholarships to attend. Some of these kids still keep in touch with me, text me, call me, or even follow me on social media. Some would call me about their college classes, first job interviews and even businesses they started. They would tell me when they got engaged or got married. What a blessing.

Sometimes it’s our passion projects that end up changing the world more than our careers or businesses.
What is your passion project? Is what you’re doing to shape the minds of the future duplicatable and teachable? How would you like to meet and team up with people who can help make your passion project a success?

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