My Greatest Accomplishment

You may or may not agree with what my greatest accomplishment is, and it may also depend on how you look at my life.
Is my greatest accomplishment that I earned my way into becoming the first and only CEO of Guerrilla Marketing and getting to learn from the legendary Jay Conrad Levinson? Is it that I bought and took over the famous Michael Levine’s LCO PR company that had represented 58 Academy Award winners, 43 Grammy winners, and 34 NY Times Best Sellers? Is it that I now have my own cable TV show on Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS channel 45 in California?
Depending on what lens you are looking through, some might say that my successful wife and 8 children are my greatest accomplishment.

BUT enough about me, I promise this is really about you!!

Here are 12 Accomplishments That Qualify You to Be a Celebrity Expert:
  • Having a lot of diverse testimonials and endorsements, preferably in video.
  • Having some testimonials or endorsements from celebrities or really well known people.
  • Being interviewed and celebrated in the media.
  • Buying, running, leading, or owning a well-known or financially successful company.
  • “Before” and “after” pictures that illustrate your ability to get results in your industry.
  • Serving on a Board of Advisors or a Board of Directors at a well-known or financially successful company.
  • Being a speaker on several stages, including large stages with large audiences and/or speaking internationally.
  • Having published a good book with a strong cover and measurable results.
  • Having your own media, including writing your own column for a publication, hosting your own radio show, or hosting your own TV show; and the larger the organization you do this for, the better.
  • Have a large list, database, or social media following.
  • Win awards from the largest and most well-known organizations possible.
  • Have proof of a customized education with degrees, certificates, and designations; and the larger, more reputable organization the better.
So how many of these do you have?  How many of these areas are you strong in?

 Knowing these things are important. It will help others know how to talk about you, celebrate you, introduce you, and refer you business. Understanding how you hold up in these areas will lead to better ways of improving yourself, your brand, and your overall business.

Knowing how you stack up in these areas and how to talk about these achievements is what will help you book more speaking gigs, earn more media appearances, and qualify you for more established, affluent clients.

Do I know your best accomplishments?  I’m giving you permission to brag and send me your “Top 10” accomplishments. Maybe you need to be on my radar even more than you are now?

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