Is Your Media Kit Complete? Here’s My Checklist…

If you are a speaker, author, or any kind of expert you should have a media kit that is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Every event producer, show producer, or referral partner will want easy ways to talk about you and promote you.

Ultimately your kit should include…(there are exceptions, but first the rules)
  1. Three pictures – One simple head shot with a good smile, one full body, and one action shot. The pictures should be downloadable from a website or with an assistant so people are not waiting on you to deliver these things.
  2. Short Bio – The more succinct bio should be 100 words or less, and it should feature your more impressive accomplishments with the majority of the focus being on your more recent victories.
  3. Long Bio – The longer bio should be around 200 words and definitely not more than 250. This might include more of your life’s achievements over a decade or two versus just the more recent 3-5 years. Several TV producers and Magazine editors have told me that most people don’t justify having a longer bio, so if you create one, it shouldn’t feel like you are grasping for straws to fill up the space.
  4. Sizzle Reel/Montage Reel – A video that shows a slice of your life with a focus on your professional expertise. This should be around 2 minutes and definitely not more than 3 min 30 sec. The longer it is, the better is should be. You better be on major national TV shows, speaking in front of thousands, shaking hands with the president, and climbing Everest blindfolded with someone strapped to your back.
  5. Two-Three Testimonials – Have a couple clients give different testimonials about how great you are and what kind of results you gave them. Try to have them be very real and unscripted. They can be about your book, your business, your presentation, or even your character.
Yes, you can have more than this with celebrity pictures, images of awards won and lifestyle pictures, big company client logos, or other images that reinforce your brand. You can have less than this until you earn more to put in your media kit. You do not want to make stuff up or fluff out your media kit. It can hurt more than help.

Your Media Kit should be ready to go in a digital file that you can forward or you can even put it online as a page or tab on your website. No one really does physical media kits anymore, and the media themselves will never ask for it. The media wants your media kit to be digital, easy to skim, and easy to use.

Remember, the more impressive you look, the better the media will look that they are working with you, interviewing you, booking you to speak, or getting you to their show or event.

I have had people promote me more just because my media kit and content have made them look good.

Here is the best way to start a bio and ultimately your media kit:

  1. Start with a statement like “the Top Ten Reasons Why People Listen to (insert your name here)” and then start writing out all the reasons why people take your advice. Your greatest accomplishments play the biggest role in why you are influential.
  2. Write out your greatest achievements. What executive positions have you held? How much money have you made people or saved people? What well-known clients have you had? What books have you written or been a part of? What media have you been featured on? What events have you spoken at? What kind of following do you have online? What kinds of awards have you won? What boards have you served on? What high level degrees or certifications do you have? What unique and cool hobbies do you have? What makes you special?
  3. Capture video doing impressive, interesting activities. Start getting testimonials if you don’t have them already. Shoot some off-camera interviews. Get footage of you being interviewed on radio or TV. Get a few shots with family or friends.
  4. Get professional pictures. Get images with space above your head or off to the side so that the space can be filled with words for magazine, book covers, and posters (memes). Some you might look at the camera and some you shouldn’t. Get a few at different locations and wearing different clothes.
  5. Write out a few of your more popular things you talk on or interview about, These things should be interesting, fit the audiences you want to be in front of, and that you have a unique and proven expertise on. If you’re a speaker, you should even have 2 or 3 titles with subtitles and bullets for various presentations you can give.
You can’t count on people to introduce and celebrate you the best way possible. Make it easy for them. Give them the bio that serves you best. Give them the pictures and videos that positions you best. Remember, when you look good, they look good.

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