Do you have call reluctance?

You might be surprised how many very capable people still procrastinate the calls. Do you know someone like this? Is it you? It’s quite normal and ok to feel this way but it’s NOT ok to stay this way. At least not if you want to get results!

Phone calls (and more than ever video calls) are absolutely paramount! When we can’t meet people face to face nothing is better than a phone call.

Call reluctance comes from a lack of confidence and the thing that will give you the most confidence is the feeling of being prepared. Here several ways for you to get prepared, increase your confidence and cure yourself of call reluctance

  1. Know the questions people will ask you – There really aren’t a lot of new conversations, questions or even objections. They are all pretty predictable which means you can list them out and prepare for them by thinking ahead of time how you want to answer them or address them.
  2. Rehearse and role play the answers – Yes, professional’s practice and perfect their conversations ahead of time. This is a part of the preparation that will build your confidence. I know this seems silly but the more you get comfortable with talking about your solutions the easier the calls will be.
  3. Create visual aids – Having a website, info graphics, diagrams, charts, testimonials, endorsements, pictures, images or examples of success to share will drastically help you get through the potentially difficult discussions. Having these types of things position you as the professional with social proof, physical evidence, and teaching tools.

There is a lot more to each of these 3 things, but this is definitely enough to get you going in the right direction for sure. (There are even more ways to help you overcome call reluctance like matching speed, starting with a clear intent and knowing the questions you should ask but let’s cover that in another email or call.)

This is really important when it comes to our Top Talent Joint Venture Masterminds too!

You will have a lot of opportunities to engage people through our breakout sessions and one-on-one meetings that get scheduled from the actual event itself. These opportunities will go more smoothly and have a greater outcome if you are prepared and confident.

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