Are You a Good Speaker or a Great Speaker?

You have probably been told you are a good speaker. Some audience members can be very kind in that way. Those nice compliments can come when you are funny, entertaining or emotional but that’s just “good speaking”.

The truly GREAT speakers do more than this rather they are the money making and results getting influencers that are able to inspire action in every audience.

They are…

  1. Commanding more often than not…Instructive versus inquisitive. Not “will you write this down?” but rather “write this down”.
  2. Influential and Credible…They share 3rd party social proof.
  3. Purposeful with their presentations…There is an order, a method, and a process.
  4. Self aware of what how they are presenting…They know how they are showing up.
  5. Audience aware…They know how they are being received.
  6. Appropriately interactive…They know how to involve the audience with out losing control.
  7. Using visual aids and props to create experiences…They know how to make complex things simple and memorable with whiteboards, flip charts, power point, books, hand outs, and even fire coals to name a few.
  8. Confident in their “Calls to Action”…They have a special offer that has a high perception of value even if it’s to just go to a site and click on something, schedule a time to talk or fill out a form.

Are you focusing on just inspiring an audience or are you truly focused on inspiring action in every individual in that audience? There is a difference and the latter is where the true success is! In the beginning you might just be trying to get up in front of everyone and share a message you can be proud of that people will enjoy. As time goes on that won’t be a enough to create or sustain success.

If you want to be a results getting and money making speaker you must be GREAT!

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