7 Deadly Sins of Book Writing

You can easily improve your book and even articles when you overcome these 7 reckless writing habits.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing:
1. Starting a high number of sentences with the word “I” and talking about yourself a lot. Frequently try to start sentences with “you”. It’s much more engaging and interactive to the reader.
2. Writing about something you don’t know a lot about or don’t have a lot of experience in. For example, avoid writing about being a parent if you don’t have kids, marriage of you don’t have a spouse or traveling if you never go anywhere.
3. Using the same adjectives and adverbs over and over again. Words like interesting, amazing and really are just a few examples of this.
4. Taking 10 pages to say something that could have been said in 2 pages. Be succinct and use brevity when ever possible.
5. Writing in big blocks of long sentences and paragraphs. Make your sentences easy to read by not making them to wordy. Also, occasionally use visual aids, bullets and numbers which makes things more skimmable.
6. Telling a story without an easily clear point. End your story with transitions like “the reason I’m telling you this is…”, “what I learned was…”, or maybe even “as you can see the lesson here is…”
7. Editing your own writing. You always want someone else to review what you wrote and not just for spelling and grammar either. That’s easy. Have them make sure you used the right word.
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