You might be able to relate to this: sometimes I get lazy.  There is an expression, “Good times create bad policy,” which simply means that when things come easily to us, we stop doing the things that helped create those good things in the first place.
What have you stopped doing since having some success?
For me, it’s networking.
A common attribute among some of the most successful people I know is that they are amazing connectors always looking to refer people and bring great people together.  This requires a person to talk to a lot of people, learn about people, hang out with people, go places to meet people, and listen to people (even when they talk much longer than they should).
Networking is hard work!  Or at least it is to me.
People seem to think that because they see me on television or speaking on stage that I am the life of the party looking for all the attention I can get, but that just isn’t the case.  I like small groups, meaningful conversations, and going to bed early.  I struggle with small talk.  I’m kind of boring like that 🙂
“Man is not an island entire of itself”
-John Donne 1624
No man is an island – Meaning, human beings do not thrive when isolated from others.  We all need to keep networking and it is work for most of us.  Regardless, we can’t get lazy!  We have to keep talking to people, interviewing people, and forming relationships.
1We must meet people.
2We must give, serve, and share.
3We must connect in order to be connected.
1Where we go to meet people matters.
2With whom we decide to spend our time talking matters.
3How we interact with people matters.
4What we discuss when meeting new people matters.
If your main way of networking is through social media, then you are missing out on some pretty important and powerful relationships.  If you want meaningful relationships, you must meet face-to-face!  Once a relationship becomes meaningful, it can be maintained online and over the phone, but when you are first forming the connection, it’s best to do it while you are both physically in the same space.
Interestingly enough, people frequently tell me that although they love the work I do for them— creating things like brands, websites and books— the service they find most valuable is my promoting them and connecting them.
Do you have a golden rolodex?
You can’t get lazy.  You can’t stop meeting people.  You can’t stop searching and listening to people.  This is how you find raving friends, referral partners, and profit margins.
P.S. My most popular event for the last year is my Icon Masterminds, where I teach and connect people in a very real way.  Even at my other events, people always comment on the amazing people that I bring together.  That inspired a new event that I’m doing: the Icon JV Mastermind.
Email me back if you want to know how to get a FREE ticket.