How I Prepare My Clients For Mainstream Media and Lucrative Joint Ventures
Harvard’s Negotiation course taught me that over 90% of the time, the person or party most prepared is the one most likely to get more of what he or she wants and/or win the negotiation.


Pitching the media is the same way…and you have to play the odds.  Not everything works every time, in every place, or for every person,  but you play the odds with best practice.


Here’s a best practice when pitching the media…be prepared!


You should…

  1. Know your brand(s) and know your elevator speech(es).
  2. Have some good pictures that are easily downloadable from your site.
  3. Have 2 good bios, a longer one at 250-300 words and a shorter one at 50-100 words, with a focus on your accomplishments.
  4. Have 1-3 montage videos or sizzle reels that position you as an expert or as a celebrity expert.
  5. Have a professionally done book cover displaying your last book or your next book coming soon.
  6. Have testimonials and/or endorsements, preferably with video links.
  7. Have all of the above on a website on which the decision makers of media can research you. (This is what I call an Icon website that answers the big question, “Why You?”)

The emotional triggers, conscious and subconscious thoughts from these things go like this…someone that has this kind of social proof professionally done must have money…and if they have money, they must be successful…and if they are successful, they must be good at what they do.  People want to work with successful people who are really good at what they do!

Sure, there are exceptions to these rules and overwhelming thought patterns, but to follow these laws and rules is to put the odds drastically in your favor to the point that success and profits simply become a numbers game.

Are you prepared to play?  It’s fun when you have what’s needed to play on a professional level and win the game of life and business by no longer being the world’s best kept secret.

Be heard, be seen, get results and get paid!

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David T. Fagan

The Icon Builder