Icon Builder Media

Icon Builder Media is the branding and promotional firm for decision makers with their aim set squarely on making a major breakthrough in their industry. We collaborate with clients to craft a dynamic media presence that promotes their brand and translates seamlessly across all platforms using such tools as: websites, digital magazines, books, social media, events, and videos. The result for the client is an Icon status and a distinct advantage over all competitors.

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Icon Coach

Icon Coach is a site where we have a strong belief that being an Icon in your industry will best separate you from the competition! We have an award winning track record with proven formulas designed to raise a person or products Icon status. The key is Social Proof. This 3rd party content that markets and sells you independently is paramount when it comes to increasing sales conversions.

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The David Fagan Show

This Cable TV Show airs on Friday’s 7am-9am PST on Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS channel 45 going out to 760,000 homes in Riverside County CA. It is rebroadcast through Video on Demand online with a growing audience that is mostly segment driven. It’s a cross between TMZ and Neil Cavuto.

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Speaker House Publishing

Speaker House Publishing is an independent publishing company that features a wide variety of magazines and books, from Self Help to Business to Health/Fitness and much much more. Speaker House Publishing allows quality authors to share their message with the world, whether it be an autobiography, a simple article, or a book of strategy. As a company that prides itself on its diversity, we know more than anyone that what matters most is what’s on the inside.

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Guerrilla Parenting

Guerrilla Parenting is a company that specializes in the unconventional methods of teaching kids self reliance and making money. It was created as an advanced program, book, and even an ongoing coaching program for parents that would teach them methods to help their kids monetize their talents.

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