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I’m grateful to have my wife, family and faith everyday.

Branding strategy…getting ready to go back on stage…love what I do, its an honor to help so many.

Another client getting the VIP Icon treatment at their Image and Strategy Session with me today. LeAnne Vo making it look easy! These pictures and branding words and phrases we are creating today will be used for websites, social media,

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With a new client Shandiz Afshar. What is it about the Persian people? They always seem so elegant and sophisticated

May 7, 2015

Jill and I

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I read something this weekend… “When you marry, you marry your spouses hopes and dreams too.”

Quick min talking to Penn Jillette…(he’s lost over 100 pounds) He just gave an amazing presentation at the GKIC Event. Here are some things he said about interviews: • Don’t Fall into rules of conversation • You’re Not there to

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Strategy session and photo shoot for client Carolyn Norris is under way…

Working with client Dr David Wu building out the brand, taking pics and shooting videos for his website!