Infusionsoft is gearing up for its 10th annual ICON conference where more than 3,000 small business owners will converge in Phoenix for the three-day event. The Chandler software company’s user conference continues to gain recognition as it hosts 10 keynote speakers,

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Just got my award at the Suns game in Phoenix from Infusionsoft…2016 Entrepreneur Educator of the Year. Took some pics at half court with the family at the pregame show.

Just found out I’ll be receiving Infusionsoft’s big award…And even better is the twist that it will be presented to me at the Phoenix Sun’s basketball game this Thursday at the US Airways arena during the pregame show. Think they

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Send us a comment if you would like to be added to the guest list.

I want to personally extend an invitation to my Beverly Hills Mastermind event on July 14th. This is a powerful event absolutely packed with directly applicable information for your business and brand. I am opening a few additional spots to

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Join us at our Icon Academy Business School summer camp! August 10th-13th Get the details at

I’m so excited! My sailboat is almost entirely refinished. It’s been stripped and varnished. Who’s up for some adventure and good conversation sailing the California Orange County coasts?! I’ll be taking friends and clients out soon…probably last minute notice some

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Branding strategy…getting ready to go back on stage…love what I do, its an honor to help so many.

David Fagan – The Icon Builder, and Co-Author of “Guerilla Parenting – How to Raise an Entrepreneur” (over 23 MILLION sold in 62 LANGUAGES!) Mr. Fagan is the former owner of LCO Communications that represented 58 ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS, 34

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Event sponsored by Ascent Expo Join us Wednesday February 4th! RSVP at [email protected]

Over 300 attended. Thanks for all the support for my book signing.

Upcoming Event! Wednesday, January 28th Ready to get serious about MAKING your book? Ready to get serious about MARKETING your book? Ready to get serious about MAKING SERIOUS MONEY with your book? This workshop bootcamp is all about PRODUCING, PUBLISHING

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