I put out 3 books in 2015, although I started writing them in 2013 and 2014. Two of them were featured on major media TV news shows One of them launched a new business One of them started a new

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February 3, 2016

Which cover is better?

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October 26, 2015

2 in 1…

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It’s a rare book concept with 2 books in one. Each book starts at its end and they both meet in the middle. It’s a special edition, 2 books in one, that Ann Webb and I are taking on our

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Picture or no Picture? I can tell you the “rule” and the “exceptions to the rule” but what do you think? All things being equal what style would best serve Jackie Jackson? I started two concepts for our client Jackie

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Which one? Need your help with another author expert client. If I forced you to choose which one gets your vote? Thanks! My clients love the feedback!

Which one? Really proud of my client Steve Jennings and his new book. The launch is rapidly approaching and I had a great set of experiences working with Les Brown who volunteered to do Steve’s foreword. If I forced you

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Getting good feedback on one of my courses now available through Strongbrook. Wait till you see my new one coming in June! It’s called… Zero to Hero: How to Get Results, Make Money and Change Lives when You don’t Really

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We’re excited to announce that Dr. Kenneth Lewis Sr’s book “The Era of the Entrepreneur” is going to print within the next couple weeks.

We’re excited to announce that Erleen Tilton’s book “The 7 Secrets of Healthy Happy People” is going to print within the next couple weeks.

We’re excited to announce that Susan Raisanen’s book “Track It to Crack It” is going to print in the next couple days.

Here is the brand new concept cover for our client Jane R. Norris. We’re excited to help bring her upcoming book “Conscious Catalyst: How to Launch Your Life into a State of Awareness and Action” to life.

The Story Effect: The Power and Purpose of Telling Your Story COMING SOON

The Abundance Affect – By Justin Morales