I’ve been saying that a lot lately. I review a ton of videos for people, and then help them improve them. You might find it helpful to see some of the super simple scripts that we use to sell someone. (How’s that for an alliteration? lol)

When you hear “sell someone” you should be thinking “inspire action in every audience” because that is what I mean. We are all trying to get people to take action, and there are some formulas for putting the odds in your favor, which is really all you can hope to do.

After all, there are no silver bullets in sales and marketing. All we can do is implement good ‘best practices’ where we can play the odds.

The odds are, if you use some of these video formulas and scripts day in and day out you will get more people to take action…guaranteed.

You speaking on video is similar to you writing copy. First, you have to get their attention. Without getting their attention quickly and effectively, they either turn you off or tune you out. Neither is good.

Ideas for getting attention:

1. Wearing bright colors can really help you make your “presence” felt. Having an interesting background that you have some contrast with is important. Think more like the Peacock and less like the Gecko.
2. Start with a couple simple questions that are designed to get the viewer to say yes so that they know that the video is for them. Examples to come.
3. Begin with a couple of startling statistics in the form of questions. Examples to come.

Most people want to say “good morning” or “hello” and say who they are, but in the beginning it really isn’t the most in important thing. For most videos where the viewer is seeing you for the first time, you want to start fast and hook them quick. We don’t really care who you are until we know you are talking about something we really care about.

So after we get the viewer’s attention and hook them, we say our name…and maybe our moniker or a credible reference to who we are. Examples to come.

Once we have their attention and introduced ourselves, then we need to teach them something in a fascinating, interesting, or intriguing way. This could be a law, a philosophy, an effect, a short story, a case study, or a concept. You could use word patterns like feel, felt, and found. You could use the F.A.B. method, where you discuss a feature, action, and benefit of you what you are offering. This is essentially what something is, what it does, and why the viewer should care.

Then you end with a call to action and any rewards or bonuses that they get by taking that action. It should be clear and simple.

Quick Recap of Effective Video Script:

1. Get their Attention
2. Introduce Yourself
3. Teach them something in Memorable Way
4. Give them a Call to Action

It really can be that simple. Here is a video of me working with people on camera and some examples of them using this formula:


Here is an example script written out:

Would you make more money if you were more influential?
Would you make more money if you were more credible?
Would you make more money if you had more exposure?

Hi, my name is David Fagan, the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing. If you answered yes to any one of those questions, you need to read my book Cracking the Icon Code.

There is a way to influence the affluent. There is a way to create an unfair advantage over the competition. And it all has to do with raising your Icon status.

This is just another way to monetize your knowledge and experiences. I have developed a great brand making celebrities business people and business people celebrities.

I want to give all my formulas about websites, writing, speaking, social media, and publicity at my next event www.IconIgnition.com. All the details are on that site, and if you go there now you can use the coupon code of “ignition” to discount the ticket price to only $27. Go there now. See you soon.

Once you learn some of these newer rules that are converting well, you can break them here and there as you experiment with your audience BUT master the rules first!

Here is one more tip. If you are doing a video and really want to start with who you are just say your name first. So…

Don’t say “Good Morning. Hi, I’m Sally Smith the CEO of Sweet Treats” or even “Hi, I’m…”

Just say “Sally Smith, CEO of Sweet Treats and I’m…”

This will seem odd and uncomfortable at first, but I’m telling you that you can leave these pleasantries off and give it to them faster. It sets a tone and feeling of straight to the point.

There are some really easy and effective ways to make your videos inspire action in every audience. Having someone interviewing you or you interviewing someone else is another great way to educate more people and capture more interest. Watch for another email on the “Art of Video Interviews”.