If you are an author, speaker, or some kind of advisor you need to know what companies and associations will best serve you. It’s not easy to monetize your knowledge, talents, and experiences so when people dedicate their organizations to your cause, you should take notice.

On the flip side, I have seen a lot of organizations stumble, fall, and never quite get up. I have had first hand experience with everything from chambers of commerce to BNI groups to CEO Space chapters. There are a lot of groups that seem to be quite lost these days, so here are my top 3 org’s for experts.

  1. National Speakers Association – The national events, the local chapters, the strategic partnerships, and the opportunities to get close to the best of the best is what makes this organization make the top 3. What they don’t want me to say… They have had their fair share of growing pains, and it can be hard to really break into the “good old boys club”, but it would appear the positives far outweigh the negatives. The bottom line is that getting involved and being consistently good will give you as good of a shot as anyone. Check out nsaspeaker.org.
  2. GKIC – The national events, the local chapters, and the focus on truly making money will not be better experienced anywhere else in the world.  Many claim no BS, but Dan Kennedy does it better than anyone with real authenticity and real results. What they don’t want me to say… Attendance is down, Bill Glazer is missed, and things feel more corporate then ever. The bottom line is that GKIC is growing a new group, Dan Kennedy is better then ever, Dave Dee is the real deal, and the people that go to GKIC events are doers, not dreamers. Check outGKIC.com.
  3. Infusionsoft – The support, the consistency, the growth, the annual events, and the local user groups make this org more than a software company. They are a movement of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  No software company has created the cutting edge culture Clate Mask and Scott Martinuea have created. What they don’t want me to say… The software is still a little harder to use than most people would like.  The bottom line is that people want their CRM software to do a lot, and if it does a lot you have a lot to learn. No one makes learning software easier, and they regularly certify experts that you can hire to build your Infusionsoft database for you. While most people’s organizations having steady or shrinking numbers, Infusionsoft’s continue to climb with over 5,000 people expected at the upcoming ICON16 annual conference.  Check out AttendIcon.com.

And here is an honorable mention to what just might be the fastest growing leads group in the country… Team Referral Network, with both local and online chapters. With hundreds of chapters in the southwest and new ones popping up everywhere (including overseas) you need to check outTeamReferralNetwork.com.


Disclaimer: I make nothing from these endorsements. These are not affiliate links and the websites I’m sharing don’t generate me any money. I even run some risk of giving you both the good and the bad of these organizations.


I am honored to be a part of all of these organizations, and some of my latest big news includes speaking main stage at the upcoming ICON16.