Maybe you already have a book or you are working on your next book.

Whether you want to wing it or you want to be totally prepared, I put together 20 questions for you to consider when writing your book. Call it a recipe for thewriting process. The more questions you can answer for yourself and to yourself, the more likely you will be to write uninterrupted.

  1. Can you tell the world quickly and succinctly what people will learn from reading your book? This is important when it comes to sellingyour book to people, event producers, and publishers alike.
  2. Do you have a title and subtitle? A great title needs to be a part of yourelevator speech. It should be attention getting and inspiring people to ask more about your book.
  3. Do you have a book cover? Yes, having a good book cover will not only motivate you to write but will also increase the chances you will keep writing with real momentum. Something magical happens when you profess to the world you are writing a book and show your bookcover.
  4. Do you have a list of fascinating personal stories to outline and backupyour book content? It’s pretty much all been written before. I’m sorry but it has. The key to YOUR book is that it is supported and celebrated with your journey of experiences.
  5. Do you have intriguing stories of well known people? People love to hear how famous business people and celebrity style individuals relate to your content. It creates human interest.
  6. Do you have outrageous content for your book? Having something that is polarizing and controversial can be helpful for your book. Sometimes it’s this content that’s later used for press releases and media pitches. Pre-load your book with media worthy angles whenever possible.
  7.  Do you have visual aids? Creating diagrams, info-graphics, mind maps, work flow charts, and memes can be a game changer for yourbook. You can literally just explain the visuals. Even adults like pictures, so make complex things simple with visual aids.
  8. Do you know what your best information and your most powerful story is? A common mistake is saving the best for last, but people rarely make it to the end. You have to start strong, use a cliff hanger, hook them fast and often. The first line, the first paragraph, the first page, and the first chapter must be good.
  9.  Do you know the 7-12 things that you are going to teach? These should be your sections and or chapters. These should be laws, effects, ways, philosophies, rules, steps, and concepts that you can intelligently teach in an entertaining way.
  10. Are you ready with lists, quotes, and bullets? Make your bookskimmable with these writing styles. You don’t want page after page of big blocks of print. Mix it up and start with writing out these lists, quotes, and bullets of sexy info. People are more likely to be able to make it through your book if it’s easy to read.

Get that title and subtitle, start writing your stories, designing your visual aids, researching your case studies and famous people, outline what you want to teach, figure out where you need to start, and start writing in a skimmable way!