What if I told you quitting was the secret to winning? I suppose I just did and how did you feel about that? Are you confused? After all, I am the guy that just a couple weeks ago told you that “Happiness is Finishing”.

The fact is that we have had the “quitters never win” mentality drilled into us for so long through so many books, speeches, and stories that we may forget that it’s actually okay to quit.

Maybe you already have this knowledge about quitting. Of course, real wisdom is when people know when to apply best practices appropriately.

Here are a few people that know how to do it well:

1. Oprah quit Radio and went on to TV

2. Michael Jordan quit Baseball and went back to Basketball

3. Ronald Reagan quit acting and went into Politics

We can’t quit everything all the time. Happiness is finishing, but it’s also finishing the right things. The path to finishing the right things many times starts with quitting the wrong things.

Quitting may sound easy too, but it’s not. Try quitting a bad habit, a bad relationship, or even a mediocre business. It’s easier said than done…and you know it, don’t you?

The best way to quit a project, a job, or even a business is to give it a set amount of time and evaluate everything only at that set time. Quitting is most dangerous when it’s done in the heat of the moment. Quitting after a bad day, bad week, or even a bad month is rarely right.

Give it three months, six months, or even a year before deciding whether or not you will quit. Make sure that you are not running from something (like hard work) and that you are running towards something – a better, more proven opportunity.

Define success in everything that you do. Know what it looks like. Understand what the metrics are in the area of life and business that you may want to change someday. Then, and only then, monitor those metrics with predetermined timetables where you will reevaluate everything.

Don’t ever just keep going for the sake of a “never say die” attitude. Some people have this romantic notion of going down with the ship, but that is rarely the right thing.

Finishing is happiness. Finishing the right things is long term, sustainable happiness and that comes from learning the art of quitting!