The most common definitions of Happiness are…

1. good fortune

2. prosperity

3. a state of well-being and contentment

4. a pleasurable or satisfying experience

My new definition of happiness comes from being an entrepreneur, an “idea guy”, a person who loves to create and start new things. My new definition of happiness can be summed up in one word…”FINISHING”. Happiness is finishing. For me it’s that simple.

What have you started that you need to finish?

If you can figure that out and prioritize things correctly, you have some guaranteed happiness coming your way. I think I figured this out a few years ago when I came up with hiring someone to be my “Finisher”. This person’s job was to do nothing but help me finish all the things I started. For a while, they even had the email “[email protected]”. (Maybe I should have them use that again?)

The truth is, I have several people these days dedicated to helping me finish more projects in my life. Happiness has come from finishing…

1. books

2. events

3. acquiring organizations

4. hiring the right people

5. websites

What would make you the most money and mean the most to your business if you could finish it in the next 30 days? What do you want and what are you willing to give up to get it?

The simple fact of the matter is that we only have so much time. This means that as busy people, in order for something new in our life to live something old must die. Have you killed the right time-consuming activities and projects in your life? Before you start anything new you must realize that real happiness may come from finishing something else first.

My friend and associate Roger Salam talks about Project Pruning exercises.

1. He would tell you to make a list of all of your projects.

2. Create columns for the potential profitability of the project, the time it might take, and how much you might actually enjoy that particular project.

3. Then start analyzing the information to find the easy wins with most profits in the shortest time that you like doing the most.

A lot can go into this exercise, but I’ve found this process to be very helpful. (Of course, as you start various projects and activities new information may come in that may change the priority or importance of those “to do’s”, so feel free to change directions as needed.)

Bottom line, starting less and finishing more will lead to greater happiness in your life.