Two days ago someone asked me, “If you could do anything what would it be?” and for the first time I smiled and said, “I’m doing it.” That’s not because I have arrived at some predetermined destination, but rather because I have come to love the journey.

My family and business are a REAL adventure. Sometimes in the past, I have had an attitude of wanting to live at the top. Now that I have reached a series of summits I recognize the joy that comes from the climb…and wanting to climb more. Most would never understand my geographic moves, my large family, or my constant reinvention and evolution, but it all makes me happy…sincerely happy.

Enjoying the journey has a lot to do with being content. Some people think that the state of contentment and drive are at odds with one another, but the highest state of happiness can be found in the balance of the two. Being driven to be more and being content with your current location in life is paramount in your day to day happiness. What if I told you there is no true top rather just a series of summits?

Most of my life is spent traveling and climbing with few world recognized achievements. If I only find joy in those few moments, then most of my life would be spent being disappointed, frustrated, and discouraged. Enduring and celebrating the simple things on life’s path are key to my peace of mind.

It’s making people smile, watching my kids grow, and bringing out the best in others on a daily basis that can bring me to tears of joy. Thank you to everyone in my life. That’s my joyful journey, and “I’m doing it.”

Let me know if I can help you in your adventure of business and life.