The problem with most negotiation tactics and practices is they can feel phony or as if you are playing games. Instead of embellishing or exaggerating situations and circumstances, you want to actually create them and share them in real life. Some of the best advice I ever got was from a billionaire who told me everything changed for him when he had “go to hell money”…his words not mine. (more on that later)

Let me explain with 5 Authentic Negotiation Best Practices:

  1. There is a lot of power in having options. Busy people get better offers. This means you need to actually be busy and work on always having lots of possibilities. So much of negotiation is who needs who more and who can afford to walk away the easiest, so stay moving. Wenegotiate better when we have a busy business. Sometimes I do things for less money just to get busy; once busy, I can always charge more or get my real value. It’s how to command by being in demand.
  2. People need to know just how busy and productive you really are. Again, this can’t be a game you play. You need to really be busy, anxiously engaged in a good cause. Be visibly involved in valuable activities.  Testimonials, endorsements, before and after pictures, and awards are just a few of the ways you can share the proof of your productivity.
  3. Be unreachable or inaccessible because you are so busy. Everyone, especially entrepreneurs, are starting things all the time. It’s extremely more effective to show people you are accomplishing your goals and finishing meaningful metrics in your world. Don’t always attend the same events, don’t always go to the same places, and make sure you are making the rounds.
  4. You can’t be in a hurry or too presumptuous. If you want to go faster than everyone else, you may give up some of your value to make things move more quickly. Once busy with a certain percentage of your time, then you can afford to play it cool…because you are cool! Rushing the relationship is one of the top mistakes people make in the business world today.
  5. Explain your schedule, client load, priorities, and projects. Things should connect and add up. I call this ‘make sense marketing’. Things need to make sense. People need things to pass the smell test. They can sniff out confusion pretty easily, and a confused buyer isn’t a buyer. Your prices, products, and programs should make sense. People understand successful people are productively busy.

So actually be busy, let the world know how busy, be unreachable to a certain degree, be in demand, don’t be in a hurry, and make sure things make sense.  People want to work with high achievers and celebrity experts, and they understand successful people are productively busy.

I once asked a billionaire, Paul B., about when everything really changed for him or when things came together. His answer was when he got “go to hell money”. Of course I was very curious and just stared at him with a smile. He explained once he had enough money and profitable projects that he could tell people to go to hell when he didn’t want to work on something or with someone, everything changed for him. Once he could really pick and choose how he spent his time, he could really just pick the best of everything. You see, once he was at this point people needed him more than he needed them.
Now, you might not like his choice of words or you may not even like this attitude, but I sure hope you get the negotiation power of being busy, having some money, and knowing how to leverage both accordingly. Sure, in the beginning you may need to discount, wheel and deal, and work on earning some experience, but eventually you should breaking through to the other side.