In 2008, Infusionsoft contracted me to a year’s worth of business building work after hearing my radio show. This is where I met Roger Salam with The Winners’ Circle who referred me to do some work for Harry Dent. Harry took me to a Joel Bauer Profit Point event where I met Lynn Rose. I later reconnected with Lynn at Larry Benet’s SANG event. Lynn then referred me to Diana Wentworth to do some work, who referred me to Steven Memel. Through Steven I met Lilly Dawson, who put me face to face with Eva Mendes at a Hollywood Immersive event recently.

The day I met Eva was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t set out to meet her, but when you get to know good people you will often be surprised at where you end up. Who will you meet today? Here are some even more empowering questions:

• Who do you now know?
• Who do you now know who knows who you want to know?
• What can you do for others?

Eva was very down to earth and here are some things I learned (or relearned) listening to her. As a kid she performed Jackson songs and her brothers would shine flashlights on her for spotlights. Her family wasn’t poor, but they rode buses a lot in Southern California. She sometimes sat looking out the window wondering what it would be like to be in a car. She also looked out the window at the nice houses and dreamed about the people that lived in them. She now lives in one of the houses on that same bus route.

Some of her big lessons were ‘Don’t mind being a backup or a substitute. Remove your ego. Take the stuff that other people don’t want. Get outside of your comfort zone.’ During her career, it didn’t happen overnight. She was insatiable, never satisfied with where she was at. Like a lot of other successful people, she didn’t have one or two big breaks. Rather, success came in increments.

One of her first successful increments was when some people saw her picture in a photographer’s portfolio and wanted to meet her. Another early increment was being in Children of the Corn 5. She got another increment when she landed two scenes in the movie Training Day with Denzel Washington. Being in the movie Hitch with Will Smith was another major increment. (It’s one of the most successful movies about an interracial couple of all time.) And the increments continued, but there was never “a big break.”

I’m going to continue being insatiable and keep doing small things to get to the next great thing! How about you?