I put out 3 books in 2015, although I started writing them in 2013 and 2014.

  • Two of them were featured on major media TV news shows
  • One of them launched a new business
  • One of them started a new service
  • Two of them were taken to other countries and continents
  • One evolved into my new cable TV show
  • At least one of them brought in $310,000 in venture capital
  • Together they all generated me over $830,000 either directly or indirectly
  • All of them changed life’s

Still thinking about writing a book? Still trying to finish a book or two and get them published for the world to see? Do it!

I’ll tell you more after the covers below:


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Writing is all about creating. You must see yourself as the creator that you are, and then strive to create with words every day. Create your own thoughts of wisdom and make them your quotes. Find other peoples’ quotes and file them away as topics to be used and shared. Discover the things that channel or increase your creativity and inspiration to write.

Even more specifically, start here…

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This will give you a very strong start and add to your motivation to be a published author.  If you want to talk more about your book and how to get it across the finish line as a winner let’s talk.  (Hit reply and email me back)

I also am on pretty good terms with the owner of SilverTorchPublishing.com :-)